Weiße Stunde (German Edition)

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Keut Keut had developed in the low countries during the late Middle Ages, where it was called " Koyt " or " Koit ". It was originally unhopped, being flavoured with a mixture of herbs called "gruit" or "grut" and brewed from a combination of oats, wheat and barley. In the Netherlands, beer firm Jopen markets a Koyt inspired by a 15th century recipe from Haarlem. Man hat auch in Danzig das sogenannte Junkernbier , und ausser diesem noch wohl 30erlei Sorten, sowohl in der Stadt gebraute, als auslandische, Biere.

Grodziskie was the only truly ingidenous Polish beer style to survie in the second half of the 20th century.

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It was a top-fermented, smoked wheat beer. This is the earliest mention I've found of the style: " Pohlnische Biere. The 57 bottom-fermenting breweries produced much more - , hl. It was related to German Weissbier, but had its own specific taste from the use of smoked wheat malt. It was brewed using an infusion mash. It was bottle-conditioned. Zuerst zeigen sich kleberigte und pechartige Hefen, die man daher auch in Berlin Pech- oder Pich-Berme zu nennen pflegt.

Die Schuster bedienen sich dieser Hefen zum Kleistern. Es soll schon im J. Eilenburger Bier , ist braun, von einer ausserordentlichen Bitterkeit, dabei aber doch schmackhaft und gesund, und wird viel in Leipzig getrunken.

Gardelebischer oder Garlebischer Garley, L. Nebst diesem starken und doppelten Garley, wird auch ein gemeiner Garley aus kleiner Gerste gesotten, welcher aber nicht so edel, als jener, ist. Dem doppelten Garley zu Ehren, hat Heinr.

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Meibom, Prof. Das Ruppiner Bier ist reich von Malz, aber arm von Hopfen, daher es nicht sehr bitter. Seine Farbe ist lichtroth.

Wurzner , ans der Stadt und Stift Wurzen, 3 Meilen von Leipzig gelegen, ist ein reines und gesundes, aber sehr bitteres Bier, welches viel in Leipzig getrunken wird. Oft hat man mit demselben die Wassersucht curirt. Braunschweiger Mumme was an thick, near-black , highly-alcoholic, sweet beer, probably brewed since at least the 14th century in Brunswick. Very bitter, it was first imported into Britain in the 17th century, where it was called Mum or Mumm.

During the 16th and 17th centuries it was one of the best-known and loved beers in Europe. Key to its popularity was the ability to survive long periods of hot weather without going off, presumably because of the combination of alcohol, hops and unfermented sugars.

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It was often taken on sea voyages to the tropic, when it was used to combat dietary complaints such as scurvy amongst the sailors. It came in two variations: Stadt-Mumme , meant to be drunk immediately and the more heavily hopped Schiff-Mumme intended for export of for use on long sea voyages.


12 colourful German expressions that'll add swagger to your language skills

The former used 4 Himpten of hops, the latter Both were brewed from 2 Winspel of barley malt. The thick consistency came from a long boil, first of the whole mash for 1. Read more here and here. An Overview of North German beer styles ca. Very dark brown, lightly hopped and not very highly attenuated beers. Beers in this style continued to be made in the DDR, sometimes even still by top-fermentation.

Today there are still many breweries in the East producing a Doppelmalz: a sweet dark beer of only 1. I suspect that the Braunbier of Saxony fell into this category. These beer fell into to groups: lightly-hopped and heavily-hopped.

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They were brewed from a mixture of barley and wheat malt in the ratio of 3 or 4 to 1. The wort - unprotected by hops - was soured early in the fermentation by lactic acid bacteria picked up from the environment. The best example was Schultheiss Berliner Weisse , though this is sadly no longer brewed.

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The only surviving Berlin version is Berliner Kindl Weisse. The only other styles in this group to survive are Leipziger Gose and Lichtenhainer. They became sour much like Porter - through a long secondary fermentation. Bacteria in the lagering vessels slowly changed the beer's character. The perfect illustration of an opaque translation. Essentially, this idiom implies that a single event is not statistically significant, or perhaps that a mistake can be forgiven the first time.

Translated as "the fish starts stinking from the head", this one seems particularly useful in the current climate of resentment towards political, business and industry leaders. Attacking the idea that blame always trickles down, this phrase says that the problems always start at the top. Certainly one to be used in your next political debate! Perhaps a bit more straight forward, this idiom translates directly as "I'm not a cow to be milked". Save this one for your friend that always turns to you at the front of the shop queue or at the bar, asking if you could cover for them just once more.

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Again one that makes sense more literally: "to go down with drums and trumpets". To fail is to be human. The real distinction is in how we fail. This saying means to go down gloriously, all guns blazing, or to go out with a bang. We might say that someone is "not the sharpest pencil in the pack", and this is the German equivalent.

Literally "he didn't exactly invent gunpowder", this is a good phrase to describe a friend when they do something a little on the stupid side! A masterpiece of German brevity and straight-forwardness. Perhaps the equivalent of "He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword". In other words: you have to stand by the consequences of your actions. This idiom translates as "this is an argument over the emperor's beard". If you ever find yourself caught up in an argument with a German, and they resort to semantic arguments, or being ridiculously pedantic, this is the phrase to use.

That is, to make small and overly fine distinctions. The direct translation of this one won't help: "to have a bird". No, they're not enquiring about your pet ownership. If someone has asked you this and you told them about your beloved parrot, then we're sorry to break the bad news.

Of course the Germans have a sausage idiom, and this is certainly not the only one. Germany's news in English Search. The German Federal Ministry of Finance recently published a discussion paper on the amendment of the Decree on the type, content and extent of the transfer pricing documentation.

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    Weiße Stunde (German Edition) Weiße Stunde (German Edition)
    Weiße Stunde (German Edition) Weiße Stunde (German Edition)
    Weiße Stunde (German Edition) Weiße Stunde (German Edition)
    Weiße Stunde (German Edition) Weiße Stunde (German Edition)
    Weiße Stunde (German Edition) Weiße Stunde (German Edition)
    Weiße Stunde (German Edition) Weiße Stunde (German Edition)
    Weiße Stunde (German Edition) Weiße Stunde (German Edition)
    Weiße Stunde (German Edition) Weiße Stunde (German Edition)
    Weiße Stunde (German Edition)

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