See Delphi And Die: (Falco 17)

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Dejected and defeated, Falco and his group travel to Delphi on their original mission: to persuade Aulus to return to studying law at Athens. Falco also gets to meet Aulus' mentor, a formidable lawyer named Minas who offers his aid in capturing the killer - by hosting a party for the Seven Sights tour party, now freed and in Athens too after the operators Phineus and Polystratus managed to threaten the Corinth government with legal action advised by Minas.

Falco has no confidence in Minas' methods, but during the course of the party, more evidence is found by Falco and his nephews, revealing that Phineus and Polystratus had athletic training, and that female travellers on Seven Sights may have been sexually harassed by the men. Finally, Polystratus is unmasked as the real killer, and the remains of the missing Statianus are found in a stew being prepared by the former for the party, proving his guilt. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article does not cite any sources. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. March 13, In Davis's engaging 17th ancient Roman historical to feature "informer" Marcus Didius Falco after 's Scandal Takes a Holiday , Falco takes his deductive powers to Greece, where two young women tourists have died under mysterious circumstances. Accompanied by a large entourage, including his independent and sharp-witted wife, Helena, Falco soon finds that one tour, promoted by the shady Seven Sights Travel outfit, has a suspiciously high mortality rate.

The long trail of corpses Falco uncovers puts the sleuth in danger of running out of suspects. While the way Falco unmasks the killer may be less than ingenious, the author's vivid picture of life in A. For those new to this popular series, which has a new publisher, Davis provides a short introduction to Falco and his world. More titles may be available to you. Sign in now to see your library's full collection. Visit your Checkouts page to manage your titles. Want to go to your Checkouts?

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See Delphi and Die (Marcus Didius Falco Series #17)

Learn more about cookies. His brother-in-law, Aulus, has been diverted from his route to Athens university by a man whose newly married daughter disappeared, with her husband, while visiting the Olympic Games as part of an extended wedding trip. Suspecting a classic cover-up, Aulus enrols Falco's help in solving the case. And of course his mother-in-law hopes to hurry her son along to university by passing the case over to Falco.

See Delphi And Die: (Falco 17) See Delphi And Die: (Falco 17)
See Delphi And Die: (Falco 17) See Delphi And Die: (Falco 17)
See Delphi And Die: (Falco 17) See Delphi And Die: (Falco 17)
See Delphi And Die: (Falco 17) See Delphi And Die: (Falco 17)
See Delphi And Die: (Falco 17) See Delphi And Die: (Falco 17)
See Delphi And Die: (Falco 17) See Delphi And Die: (Falco 17)
See Delphi And Die: (Falco 17) See Delphi And Die: (Falco 17)
See Delphi And Die: (Falco 17) See Delphi And Die: (Falco 17)
See Delphi And Die: (Falco 17) See Delphi And Die: (Falco 17)

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