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You can be the best magician in the world, if you put your mind to it. Eagerness filled him up. Rennis knew his son wanted to be out of Morwen as soon as he could without him having to tell his father. Panix wished he could spend as much time with his father as he had earlier in his life. But busy lives drove them both further away from each other.

He looked forward to seeing his father at the end of his first term at Morwen. This is magician made.

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Float coaches were levitated coaches that made travel as fast as horses could run. The levitation only lasted for a few days and then a magician would have to levitate the coach again. The magician that does these rode accompanied us in our coach and offered to make the image. I stayed and he proceeded to Gerell to make an image of the king. His father looked very proud of the picture and he should. These images were rare enough.

That magician is a very rich man.

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Panix could only shake his head at his good fortune to have such a picture and to have such a father. His sister had the same dark hair, hers cut to her jaw line, and the same piercing gray eyes both had inherited from their father.

She tightly clung onto his arm and beamed at her brother. The man looked relieved. Panix tore his gaze from his sister and looked up at the ornate entrance of the school. Other coaches made their way into the large cobbled courtyard, disgorging other students. Corlee took his arm and led him through the large doors and into a massive entry hall. Two hundred and fifty years after the Awakening—when a strange cloud transformed half of the world, bringing magic—The name of the joined country became Korvana and the city of Mella ended up as the seat of power.

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Twenty towers thrust into the air. Fluted columns snaked their way up the outsides of the buildings. Courses of white, red, and black bricks twisted up the walls like growing things. Trees, bushes and flowers set off the grounds, still looking verdant even though the rest of the countryside faded into autumn. Are you suited for the Academy? The Senior Fellows keep raving about your test results. Their interest even surprises me, but they will leave you on your own until you choose your specialties. I could use your advice.

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The instructor droned on and on. It was the same old stuff. The Awakening gave many men magical power, but it was a mixed bag of limited abilities. It took fifty years after the Awakening before men and women really found out what they could do.

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Even then, people had widely varying capabilities. The Academy overlooked the Plain of Morven, where the great battle stopped before it began. The shimmering cloud passed through the battle lines just as the trumpets had called the men to battle order. The event stopped the battle dead in its tracks. The overlook reminded those at the Academy what the Awakening had done.

At first people thought that magic would rule the world. Magic helped plants to grow, but the magic required a magician to work specifically on each plant. Magical talents were a more personal thing. Magicians sharpened blades one at a time, but a man working with a sharpening stone, powered in any way, worked faster.

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Some talents were quite stunning. Recently a magician learned how to transfer his own mental images on a paper dusted with iron filings, that was the one his father had met. PANIX: Magician SpyDespite the pleadings of his magician-sister, Panix Gavid spurns his incredible potential to rise great heights at the Morwen Academy of Magic and takes a position at a metalworks magician in a far land.

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PANIX:  Magician Spy PANIX: Magician Spy
PANIX:  Magician Spy PANIX: Magician Spy
PANIX:  Magician Spy PANIX: Magician Spy
PANIX:  Magician Spy PANIX: Magician Spy
PANIX:  Magician Spy PANIX: Magician Spy
PANIX:  Magician Spy PANIX: Magician Spy

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