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Watch this submarine play tag with a shark from the darkest depths of the ocean

These 10 names are just the English language titles:.

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Their scientific name is Lycaon pictus — which translates directly as painted wolf and reflects their mottled caramel and brown fur. The Lycaon genus is more closely related to wolves than domestic dogs.

There is a growing number of people interested in the conservation of Lycaon pictus that use this translation as the common name, to describe the species. Some argue that this shift may help promote positive attention to a fascinating and very threatened species, which has suffered persecution for so long.

To be extremely intoxicated beyond one's own knowing. When we get to the bar , we're getting f--king painted! A coloqiualism indicating a hightened state of inebriation , intoxication or any other debilitaing state resulting from inbibing excess amounts of alcohol.

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See wrecked, trashed, bladdered , trollied and wasted. Dude, last night I woke up in a skip filled with mousetraps and shoelaces. We must have got totally painted.

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  4. What’s in a name? Why we call them painted wolves.

Person 1: Glasses? Person 2: Check 1: Ice?

Painted lady butterflies emerge in once-a-decade phenomenon - BBC News

Meaning : attractive. Person 1: Ayy bro you think Sammi over there is fine?

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Year round outdoor market located at Arlington Avenue in the parking lot of Bethesda Elementary School. Plenty of free parking!

Cows painted like zebras can fend off flies better than their plain-coated counterparts

Market Hours: 9 am to pm. For central Pennsylvania customers, there is a monthly drop-off at N 3rd St, Chambersburg Noon to 2 pm Dates and products are listed on the Painted Hand Farm Facebook page or via email upon request. Painted Hand Farm and Roy Pitz Brewery collaborate to bring locally produced ingredients to local restaruants. Check out their menu.

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