My Cross to Bear (Enhanced Edition)

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The story of Gregg Allman's life covers a wild career filled with cars and guitars as well as drugs, sex and rock 'n roll. The potty mouth of this Southern boy truly fits the subject matter and doesn't detract from the message he's conveying about a life filled with successes and mistakes. A down-to-earth picture quickly develops of a sensitive man with a passion for music and a love of women.

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His reputation as a player seems well founded considering the details of five marriages and a handful of children interspersed with scores of groupies. Gregg Allman's philandering is only matched by his unbridled alcoholism and drug use. Just the thought of starting off the day with two pints of vodka and ending it by putting a pint of beer under your bed to stifle shakes in the middle of the night is enough to convey quite the rock 'n roll lifestyle. But, rarely did this downward spiral seem to interfere with the constant grind of performing the music he loved. The videos that often appear at the beginning or end of chapters really help illustrate a surprisingly humble side to a man who just wanted to play.

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There are a decent number of spells, but ultimately, they all lend a spark of magic to what is otherwise a bland repetitive gameplay loop. Exploring the magical world provided to you in these otherworldly realms is a fun experience, as each environment is interesting and rife with larger-than-life pillars and structures.

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There are plenty of temples and dungeons for you to visit, but each location is not without its dangers. Ghouls and goblins lurk the halls of the ruins, offering the primary challenge to apprentice wizards, but I found that there are only a handful of enemy types.

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Most enemies are variations of the others, such as a larger mini-boss orc that can take more hits. Stopping their murderous onslaught is a matter of utilizing your spell of choice — your endless supply of fireballs can offer a rapid-fire means to take them down, but the slower magical ice bow offers more precision — to defeat them, which then unlocks the next area. Fate cards, which can be found hidden around the world, can add additional modifiers to your replay of levels and adds a significant challenge to your spell-casting adventures.

Sex, Drugs and Rock 'N Roll: Gregg Allman's Enhanced Autobiography

You can find hidden crystal shards, which can then be used to expand your magical powers by spending them in the hub world to upgrade your spells. Each level in the game provides you the opportunity to earn four shards: three that are hidden and one earned from a three-star score on the level itself. The graphics in The Wizards on the Oculus Quest are not great. I completely understand what lengths they had to go to to get it to run on the platform at all, but I often feel like I am playing a game on an inferior virtual reality headset, like the Google Daydream or Gear VR.

Enemy animations also appear to be affected by the port and come off looking very basic. What is nice is that the game was originally on the desktop VR platforms and actually runs on the Oculus Quest with the ability to provide a solid frame rate throughout.

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I feel like there is a lot in The Wizards — Enhanced Edition to appeal to aspiring wizards, and the single-player story is a strong enough experience to dazzle and delight with its excellent narration, sound effects and music. Bryan has a passion for writing and has been gaming since the 80s.

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My Cross to Bear (Enhanced Edition) My Cross to Bear (Enhanced Edition)
My Cross to Bear (Enhanced Edition) My Cross to Bear (Enhanced Edition)
My Cross to Bear (Enhanced Edition) My Cross to Bear (Enhanced Edition)
My Cross to Bear (Enhanced Edition) My Cross to Bear (Enhanced Edition)
My Cross to Bear (Enhanced Edition) My Cross to Bear (Enhanced Edition)
My Cross to Bear (Enhanced Edition) My Cross to Bear (Enhanced Edition)
My Cross to Bear (Enhanced Edition) My Cross to Bear (Enhanced Edition)
My Cross to Bear (Enhanced Edition) My Cross to Bear (Enhanced Edition)

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