Mrs. Desario and the Nanny Whore

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The word is near you, in your mouth and in your heart [that is, the word of faith that we preach] that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. For whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved. Romans 10 This book explains the redeeming plan of God, the great benefits of believing, and the dire consequences of ignoring the Creator and His Son, Jesus Christ.

It explains Gods plan from the day of creation to the day that the earth and everything in it will be destroyed by extreme heat. Option C: Suicide b Madame Ranevskaya's treasured country estate is threatened with foreclosure, thanks to wildly overdue bills and a family living beyond its means. As the family and servants try and fail to grasp the severity of their situation, the merchant Lopakhin offers them their only salvation: to sell the Che Back from touring around the country, Elephant Larry presents one jam-packed hour of genuine sketchified entertainment, guaranteed to knock your socks off.

Using their patented fusion of video and stage sketchery, Elephant Larry's new show is bigger, better, and funnier than any sketch comedy show t Though Judith and Martin have never met, they share a connection that will change both their lives forever.

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The Fall explores how some central questions of Hamlet would play out in modern world. What do you do when a hallucination gives you information that requires action? What if this hallucination might be real? For Jill, these questions confront her with an violent duty The classic story told by an International multi-racial ensemble of 8. An aviator is stranded in the Sahara and meets a 'Little Prince' who takes him on a special journey Brilliantly talented, young F.

Scott Fitzgerald is swept into the hierarchy of Ivy League society and the antics of the Princeton Triangle Club, in pursuit of beautiful and elusive debutante Ginevra King An Authentic British Music Hall, with songs and skits from the s - s Anton Chekhov's first play about a man fighting to understand his depression.

We see his efforts to extricate himself from its grips This classic "lesbian-noir" hit show has been begging to be "re-mounted," and that's ex The Persians Based on the play by Aescylus adapted into a comedy about war with five songs A syndrome which seems to strike only at the young begins to kill off the children in the country town of Hollow. As the mysterious outbreak reaches epidemic proportions, friendship and alliances are stretched to breaking point, while choices between life and death become simultaneously fantastical Vintage Wine, or Past Its Prime?

A bittersweet play about the nature of teaching, and how to overcome the An episodic multimedia performance inspired by the art and music of Radiohead which blends physical theatre, dance, live original music, and video; No Alarms headfullofradio is a series of short plays, each one a visually intense odyssey to find meaning and balance in a world of complacency, techn Downstairs the celebrities pour in, but the real action is upstairs where a group of insiders wait for the reviews.

Included are the excitable young author, the bri Hell Cab is a day in the life story of a cab driver in for the longest night of his life as he transports a bizarre and mysterious collection of customers through the gritty streets of Chicago. Playwright and Chicago cab driver Will Kern draws from personal experiences to create the alternately f Top Ten is a tragic-comedy that follows the story of ten characters, each assigned a number, whose lives are irrevocably intertwined as they fight to live up to social, political, familial, religious and personal expectations Free outdoor Shakespeare production touring parks throughout NYC Tara's Crossing recounts a transgendered asylum-seeker's remarkable flights from Guyana and her uphill battle to prove her claims of prosecution from within the confines of US Immigration Detention.

The Play is one of the first ever to deal with the subject of political asylum for gay, lesbian, bi-s The play follows a desperate young writer who escapes to a hidden NYC This production highlights what happens when love, adolescence, and family collide - where love is love, no matter who it happens to Upon the ruins of this civilization, a new Garden is recycled from the rubble and among the ashes is born a new race of mankind with hopes of eternal life.

If given a second chance for infinite inhabitancy of the Garden, would we make the same mistakes?

Follow Woh-man in her adventures as she search A powerful play about ambition, fear, family, and faith all wrapped up in a murder mystery as one townsperson searches for the truth. Seth and Katie love God, oatmeal cookies, and each other. The only blight on their model Christian lifestyle is when Seth brings his work home.

Their life consists of a sweet, simple routine: after Bible study, Katie cooks Seth's dinner while Seth removes the identifiable body parts of his latest "j A guy named Winkle has a meeting with some very important people, except there is going to be a snag.

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An existential comedy about passion, work, life,.. With a winning mix of clever wit and surprising warmth, The Tutor tells a fresh, funny, contemporary tale of romance, art, and what it really takes to get into Princeton. When a struggling young novelist takes a job tutoring a sullen Manhattan girl, he thinks he's just out for quick cash. But when t Set in rural Illinois farm country, the play depicts a family poisoned by repressed desires, shattered relations and a deeply suppressed secret.

The a Bertolt Brecht's version of EDWARD II is a sharp and searing commentary on the nature of war in society as told through the rise and fall of the infamous, openly homosexual Plantagenet king of England, whose battles with a despotic and ambitious ruling class led to his deposition and murder.

This pr One of the most famous love stories of all time, following the final day in the life of Antony and Cleopatra. A timeless story poetically told of unmitigated passion and obsessive love which erupts while the entire world is at stake. Art, history, and a beautiful blind woman. When Donner is found dead at the bottom of the stairs, Martello and Beauchamp each think the other has killed him. In perspectives weaving through time, life and love, each investigates memory and motive while unraveling the relationsh From a dilapidated Texas ranch, the rumor of twin talking Hereford bulls threatens to derail beliefs in language, history, and evolution.

To discover the truth, a linguist and a drifter named Tom Noise must battle the unconditional love of the rancher Edward and his daughter May who fight to protect Zany comedy about the creative process Monopoly is Peace. All-in-one Shopping is Freedom. Synergy is Low Prices. Obedience is Power.

Mrs. Desario and the Nanny Whore

Ten p On the tropical island of Vieques, Puerto Rico, Prospero practices the antiquarian arts in self-imposed exile. In a time of war, heroes are needed. Strong, smart, courageous men whose actions are heralded over centuries in stories of their deeds. In an ambitious and possibly moronic plan to bring peace to Anc Gender bended to highlight the modern issue of gay marriage, this new adaptation brings a unique insight to Shakespeare's original themes of mercy, justice, religion and government.

With big band music, dacning and singing and riotous fun! Last Summer at Bluefish Cove T. Jane Chambers' zesty and heartfelt play about a family of friends who share a summer of laughter and love while learning how to celebrate life The Tempest is Shakespeare's magical and mysterious final play. It tells the story of a banished Prospero who controls his island-prison, its visitors, and its inhabitants by mixing reality and illusion to create a world in which nothing is as it seems.

Victor Maog's new adaptation, in which three a Deviant Sanford Meisner Theater, 11th Ave. When lives and dreams intertwine in the too-close quarters of their New York apartment, this unlikely trio turn to art, d Stumps Pelican Studio Theater, 8th avenue, 6th fl. Two h When they enter the one room they were never allowed to explore as kids, they discover an unopene A married couple try to revive their love life after reconstructive breast surgery.

NOTE: involves extensive nudity A readers theatre ensemble adaptation of the novel, which is a sequel to Charles Dickens's "A Christmas Carol" A Miracle Play about the fall of an American family and the birth of a new era. Rebekah and Isaac, parents to two grown sons, Jacob and Esau, struggle to make their way through their temptations, their sins, and their duties as the two young men prepare for their adulthood, and their roles in a more Missy includes her best friend and canine, Mitsy, when she decides to update her dating profile.

The search is a success and she finds a perfect mate, Pete A new play, comp Michael Majeski's simple business trip to Indiana becomes a journey of comical and endearing mishaps, turning him into a minor celebrity.

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Michael offers his story to radio, filmmakers, and talk show hosts, but the spotlight requires more. This modern fable takes you to a place where intimacy is impo For ten years, in the absence of her husband, King Agamemnon, Clytemnestra has ruled over a city left vacant by its men fighting the Trojan War. Centered around the This dark comedy by the famous novelist, Ivan Turgenev, was banned when first published. Come and see why! Blending elements from the Gesta Romanorum the 14th century Deeds In a nameless bar somewhere in rural America, a young couple falls hopelessly in love, a psychiatric patient confronts her demons, and a father and son search for a missing woman A searing depiction of the crimes we commit in the name of love, Coronado takes us into the min How many of us have thought that things would be better if we could just be the perfect size 8?

The perfect The classic adventure fantasy tale of beauty and the beast in the 20th Century. A new adaptation of Shakespeare's "Hamlet," staged on an all-black set using handmade costumes and props, Kanako Hiyama's "Hamlet" places the King in the audience's midst, recasting spectators as members of the Court.

An always-present Ghost introduces the story and observes the action from among t The story gathers together eight gay men over three summer weekends at the upstate New York house of a celebrated dancer-choreographer who fears he is losing his creativity and possibly his lover. Infidelity, flirtations, soul-searching, AIDS, truth-telling and skinny-dipping mix monumental question The jolly old elf himself is at the top of the naughty list this year and you won't believe what his 8 most trusted reindeer have to say.

Come see this tragic tale of how sex, alcohol, pedophilia and rampant bestiality threatened the very existence of Chri Under the directon of Nye Heron, the cast of eighteen actors, bring to life the event that is motherhood: the discovery of an unpla This Ain't Your Daddy's Dickens. It's a Broken take on a classic as three playwrights conspire to irreverently update Dickens' masterpiece for the 21st Century.

Scrooge gets shoved out of the spotlight when two Jewish kids search for the true meaning of Christmas, a lapsed homeboy is spooked into ke Move over Radio City! Due to both popular demand and the exorbitant amount of fun the company had staging it last year, Nosedive Productions is rehelming their version of A Christmas Carol for a second time at a new venue and a new time. Exploration of the theme of "revenge" through a series of diverse one-acts Circumstance brings together two very different women, a provoative loner and a surpressed housewife, at a rural bus stop in Oklahoma.

A horrible discovery proves to be the catalyst for revelationa and transformation A Stirring journey into the past of Albert, a Holocaust survivor from Salonica, this monodrama reveals, through the blending of video and music, the story of the Ladino-speaking Sephardic Jews who were sent to the Auschwitz and Birkenau concentration camps Avalon Looking Glass Theatre, W. A retelling of the King Arthur story from the perspective of the women behind the throne. Journey with us to the mystical land of England in time full of romance, quests, sorceresses and magic Doctors Jane and Alexander Theatre on 5, W.

Playwright Edward Einhorn takes text from his interviews with his mother, a psychologist now suffering from dementia, about his grandfather, a hematologist who discovered the Rh factor. Mixing those interviews with interviews Vestibular Mint Space, W 43rd St. As vertigo routinely attacks a former dancer stricken with Meniere's Disease, an informal conversation with his nurse turns into a revelation that challenges the idea of dependency as a passive force.

Quinnopolis, NY has adapted Lope de Vega's classic comedy about a violent love-triangle using three actors, found-object puppets, and live music In this tour-de-force comedy, 2 actors portray various characters in seven inventive and insightful vignettes that expose the intricacies of male friendships.

A unique, smart and silly romp through the trials and tribulations of being male. A celebration of Black History Month, young people bring to the stage original performances honoring the life of Martin Luther King, Jr A boy's memory play of growing up in Brooklyn in the 's Set in a time when the sun turned round the earth and animals could speak, The Book of the Dun Cow is a powerful, uplifting new musical adapted from Walter Wangerin Jr. Chauntecleer, an all too human Rooster, battles the evil forces of Wyrm for nothing less than The Long and Short of It is a play about four friends who are each stuck in a rut, and the things they do, or fail to do, to get themselves out of it.

The darkly humorous drama takes place over the course of three years; the scenes spill out, overlapping and out of order, painting a slow portrait of In addition the The story of an electrician hired to restore power to a country inn on a stormy winter night who encounters a mysterious woman in the dark is the second play in a series of three ghost story one-acts by Crystal Skillman A solo show with politics, mysticism, goatherding and cheese A supernatural thriller set entirely in a cemetery, GREENER is about a group of friends who gather together on the eve of their year high school reunion after one has committed suicide--an identical twin who's spirit is in a major state of unrest.

Haunted by their own inner demons as well as actu Les Freres Corbusier finally transforms Ibsen's classic into something truly well-made: A robot. Half a dozen of them. Live onstage. Les Freres continues its irreverent massacre of historical icons and academic esoterica by taking on famed playwright Henrik Ibsen, the well-made play, a In an America divided by sexual identity a band of revolutionaries unite in the shadow of our nation's capitol for the ultimate act of civil disobedience An ever-changing attempt to perform 30 original plays in 60 minutes.

Stacy, a champion male figure skater, and Fiona, a hot young movie star, are the nations favorite couple This high Arthur Adair directs Eugene O'Neill's "The Emperor Jones" for Black History Month, and re-envisions the play's legacy, which is racially charged, with purity: without pop culture or irony. What has evolved is an experiment in recasting the play with a Greek mold. InsideOut is the story of an ordinary man who wakes up trapped. We struggle with Harold as he attempts to Reptilian impulses erupt in children who are terrorized by an adult world sunk deep in neurotic denial.

One boy has suicidal tendencies as he struggles with his shock over the facts A year old struggles with her newly found beauty Based on official documents, testimonies, historical research and analyses of similar periods in Argentina, Guatemala, Chile, Spain, Germany, Ireland, Israel and the United States, Silence Is Health is an aesthetic approach to the pressing debate on human rights, warning us of the symptoms of a horr Valiant is a multi-media docudrama featuring thirteen women's word-for-word accounts of their courageous, devastating and sometimes humorous experiences of war.

From victim to perpetrator to peacemaker, these women from all over the world have fought, struggled and survived. Their stories are chron A comedy, tragedy, and mystery, "The Ends of the Earth" is a tale of mirrored paranoia and miscommunication. Two men journey to a hotel at the end of the earth where they collide into what they are escaping The adaptation, based Two surreal fables of suburbia examine how we search for safety and security in the face of chaos and senselessness.

Ripple Productions world premier of their original work inspired by the story of the destruction of Sodom Arthur Miller's Classic Story that encapsules fear, Bigotry and religious mania. The story focuses upon a young farmer, his wife, and a young servant-girl who maliciously causes the wife's arrest for witchcraft.

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Poseidon and Athena tell of the fall of the Trojan regime, informing us that tough decisions will have to be made in its wake. Journalist Talthybius follows the fate of the vanquished, using Geraldo-style tactics to land exclusive interviews with Helen and Andromache. Poseidon leads a political roun The creator and director of Scena Plastyczna KUL since , Leszek Madzik is revered in Poland and acclaimed abroad as a unique and remarkably consistent artist who has refined his vision Based on a true kidnapping, GRINCH is a gothic tale about a couple in the Bronx who kidnap a ten year old girl and keeps her in their basement in a misguided attempt at creating a family.

The little girl however has other ideas.

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  • Protected by her terrifying and perhaps not-so-imaginary friend Grinc A professional boxer struggle to escape a risky world of seduction, danger, and vanishing loyalties Winner of all awards at the Edinburg Fringe Festival, Skin Tight premiered in at the Bats Theatre, where it played to packed houses. The time is pre-women's lib , the place a Los Angeles hotel, where a homemakers contest is in progress -- the winner to embody the epitome at the time of the ideal woman: "a happy, good and beautiful homemaker. The play is a duet for two women--a fa On a hot afternoon in the city and with only a telephone for company Leslie Bright is going slowly but steadily mad.

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    Zarathustra Said Some Things. Shetler Studio 54, West 54th St.

    Mrs. Desario and the Nanny Whore Mrs. Desario and the Nanny Whore
    Mrs. Desario and the Nanny Whore Mrs. Desario and the Nanny Whore
    Mrs. Desario and the Nanny Whore Mrs. Desario and the Nanny Whore
    Mrs. Desario and the Nanny Whore Mrs. Desario and the Nanny Whore
    Mrs. Desario and the Nanny Whore Mrs. Desario and the Nanny Whore
    Mrs. Desario and the Nanny Whore Mrs. Desario and the Nanny Whore

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