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Over the years, we realize the importance of friendship during times of struggle. We usually seek the need to share our struggles with the ones that are closest to us.

We all know that a friend in need is a friend indeed. A friendship does not only equal a relationship between two people. It means shared values, dreams, hobbies, and activities like lunch! What does that really mean? A relationship that starts as a flow of information between two people become more than what it was in the beginning.

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As social beings, human beings expand on their linear relationship within a certain environment and get to know other people, activities, patterns, and experiences. All of this proves that the more people one knows, the less lonely one feels.

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What more can friends do against cognitive decline besides resisting dementia? With friends, there are more things to pay attention to since your friends depend on your existence as much as you depend on your theirs. On a basic level, the brain interprets this as a reason not to die and strive to live longer.

Let's Do Lunch

It feels more inclined to take less risks and think more critically before making any important decisions. If you want more ideas for how to be happy at work, start here.

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Lindsay is the owner of Silvern Training. Before that she had a very varied working life, doing everything from admin, volunteering, sales, teaching, training, fundraising, management and chairing a board of charity trustees.

Now wants to change the world of work by improving workplace cultures so that people can look forward to Monday mornings. Also likes to support individuals to speak up, be better listeners and to take action. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Share Tweet Share.


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And then a longer break for lunch. We also make better decisions. Healthier lunch means healthier people.

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Lets Do Lunch Lets Do Lunch
Lets Do Lunch Lets Do Lunch
Lets Do Lunch Lets Do Lunch
Lets Do Lunch Lets Do Lunch
Lets Do Lunch Lets Do Lunch
Lets Do Lunch Lets Do Lunch

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