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Photo of Ruby James by Christopher Durst. Twisted South welcomes Blackjack Billy.

The one thing you can do is keep listening. You have to. When they met in January of , they had no idea that less than a year later they would be creating and molding a sound that Nashville had never heard; a sound that Nashville desperately needed. Twisted South Radio welcomes Aaron Keylock. Bringing the blues from the U. Aaron then assembled his own band and by the age of twelve he headlined at Charlotte Street Blues on a Friday night. Wes Sheffield and the Slowburners. Wes Sheffield represents a new generation of artists reviving the tradition of authentic Mississippi music.

Inspired by the powerhouse catalogue of bluesmen, folk artists, and pew-swaying gospel musicians from the area, he combines the best elements in a unique but familiar fashion to create a truly enjoyable listening experience. The Wild Feathers are a truly American band: their music takes elements of the best of rock, country, folk and blues music and reshapes it in a way that is both unique and modern. In August of It is not for nothing Tas Cru has been called "the master of the triple entendre. Rawcuss, rowdy, gentle, sweet, eccentric, quirky, and outright irreverent are all words that fittingly describe Tas Cru's songs and testify to his reputation as a one of the most unique of bluesmen plying his trade today!

Extreme Tornado Tours is the ultimate adventure-seeker's getaway! We offer 10 and 7-day storm chasing adventures with our veteran guides. Extreme Tornado Tours was founded to share thier storm chasing experiences with other weather enthusiasts and thrill-seekers that may not have the equipment or expertise to safely chase tornadoes. They are committed to providing the storm chasing experience of a lifetime safely and comfortably. Our tour guides have extensive storm chasing and weather forecasting experience, and will educate and entertain you as you witness the beauty and power of tornadoes.

Those who see his performance will know what it must have been like to see the real Johnny Cash in concert -- his voice, mannerisms, and his band are wholly true to the legend.

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David Stone: The Johnny Cash Experience is the only Johnny Cash Tribute ever to be selected by the State of California even over Johnny's original band to play the 40th anniversary commemorative concert at San Quentin State Prison on February 24, , celebrating the historic performance of Johnny Cash at the facility in By facing his losses and demons on the page, McKinney is able to write relatable music. His passion and energy is a perfect foil for his down-to-earth songsMcKinney opens his heart up to the audience while still writing a song everyone who has ever loved and lost can identify with.

We love to showcase interesting characters of the south and Jason Galaz is most certainly one of them. An entrepreneur, he started out making t-shirts for bands and has worked his way up to being the man behind one of the biggest southern cultural festivals in the entire world, The Muddy Roots Music Festival. Join us as we pick Jason's head on how he got to where he is today. In the second half of the show we give you southern rock royalty Devon Allman!

Come join us y'all and get Twisted. Won't you join us and get Twisted? Due to technical difficulties we will not be broadcasting live tonight.

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Please enjoy one of our past shows that we think ranks among our best. The world's youngest rock band- EVER!! Playing at high level intensity and volume.. The band members come from the same day care center and have been plotting their course for most of their years. Twin brother Chris is getting rave reviews as one of the leading young drummers in rock n roll Guitarists Charley and Max provide the guitar thunder. George Kilby Jr.

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Born in Alabama, and residing in New York, Kilby's band is one of the top acts in the Northeast; and has backed the legendary Pinetop Perkins for more than a decade. Musical Retro Stylings of Matthew Zeiss. Raised in Lindenhurst, New York by a musically-orientated family. Zeiss began creating music at an early age. Zeiss often tries to incorporate a retro style into his music. On November 14, Zeiss recorded a cover of "Midnight Blues", written and originally recorded by the legendary Charlie Rich.

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Featured on piano is the artist's son, Charlie Rich Jr. Greg Schatz and Eddie Bridges. Greg Schatz plays music that gets stuck in your head. You never know which instrument Schatz will have in his hands. This is not just any couch, this couch is made from samples of foam that each person gets from Tempur-Pedic.

He has started in internet campaign to make his twisted dream happen and we are going to talk to him about this and spread the word even further. It's just crazy enough to work. During the second hour we welcome back to the show Twisted South family member, Brother Dege Legg, whose music is featured on the soundtrack of Quentin Tarantino's new feature film "Django Unchained" coming out Christmas Day Texas music legend, James "Slim" Hand's Mighty Lonesome Man contains timeless music that will please the yearning ear of today, while transporting you back to the days of hayrides, drive-in movies and huddling around the radio listening to the Grand Ole Opry.

Returning with another fistful of enduring heart breakers, as well as a couple of fun ditties for sipping and dancing this James Hand album is sure to please. A musician, writer and Southern enigma, Dege is the haunted face of 21st century Delta blues. Like the possessed offspring of Faulkner and Son House, he plays slide guitar in the age-old tradition of the blues greats, yet manages to breathe new life into this revered Delta idiom.

Behind the scenes filming of Rockabilly Zombie Weekend. The two newlyweds have to escape along with their family and friends if they ever want to live to see their honeymoon! Before that, he spent a few years at the Boulder CO Daily Camera; and before that, he earned a masters in journalism from the University of Texas in Austin, where he wrote his thesis on the History of the Armadillo World Headquarters and also wrote a column for the Daily Texan. Hero Jr. Passion, power, chemistry… and timeless songs that people could relate to?

And their new full-length debut Backup Plan is the perfect document to prove it. Coming out with a new album Dec. Down in the Barnyard The song writing is top notch, her voice is eerily old-time-authentic, and the whole album has the ability to whisk you away on the country technicolor lullaby head trip that she has painted during it's near-hour long set. Rachel is just hitting her stride, but with this release is proving that we should all be keeping our eyes on her.

On it the Milwaukee quintet taps directly into the jugular of early rock-n-roll; distilling the raw, impassioned power and updating it for a younger generation. The eleven tracks traverse through a number of genres, such as garage, power-pop, punk, classic rock and even a bit of earthy Americana for good measure, and while this may not make it easy to categorize, it's no matter, as it's sure to get the blood pumping, feet moving, and transform a simple get-together into an instant party.

The band will be appearing at shows across the south and midwest in Matthew is an American singer-songwriter whose music can be broadly characterized as other land-Ryan also worked with Neilson Hubbard to form the band Strays Do not Sleep Ryan's voice has been described as a "quiet rasp with words like catching promises meant to be broken - one of modern music's most potent whispers "The Bohannons new release "Unaka Rising" is an album that Oxford American recently claimed "is a real scorcher.

Adrianna Freeman was born in Tallahassee, FL. Adrianna would develop her natural talent singing in church, at county fairs, and recording demos. Adrianna was hand-picked by Mr. While working on the debut album "Liberation", they're also burning up the Southeastern U. Brad Arnold from multi-platinum artist, 3 Doors Down, joins Twisted South Radio this week in support of their greatest hits album coming out Nov. In the past four years, 3 Doors Down have moved from accomplishment to accomplishment, clearly establishing themselves as an exceptional band, both in the studio and on stage.

An exceptional live band, 3 Doors Down stands among the top concert draws in North America, performing over sold-out live shows a year. Twisted South welcomes back Buffalo Killers to our weekly show on the heels of their latest album Dig. Buffalo Killers have been said to be a garage rock influenced by southern rock band from Cinncinati Ohio.

Buffalo Killers place more emphasis on structured songwriting and lyrics that deviate from the typical Blues Rock topics. Buffalo Killers sound just as American as their name. They may not hail from the depths of Dixie, but Ohio-based beardy trio Buffalo Killers' roots stretch down to Kentucky, and they embody the sun-soaked south — not only in the hazy twangs of their 70s-style grooves, but also in their laid-back livin' and organic approach to music. New Blues from John the Conqueror. Twisted South is proud to welcome John the Conqueror this week. When a Mississippi blues man walks into a big city bar and has a drink, starts on a downward spiral of sex and drugs to the soundtrack of Nirvana, Black Keys and Queens of the Stone Age, John the Conqueror is born.

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Effortlessly fusing early blues lyrical styles, pentatonic mastery and the riff heavy sensibility of the early 70's, John the Conqueror is an old soul in a new world while being a fresh breath in a room of stagnant air. After a few years in Atlanta, they managed to find their way to Philadelphia, met up with bassist Ryan Lynn and took their roots and rocked them. Andre Williams,"Mr. Yeah, baby. Noah engineers the songs and plays lead guitar.

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Jesse and Noah eventually relocated to Nashville to develop their craft. After finding the 'Music Row' aesthetic to be restricting, the brothers made the decision to write and produce their own music. Band, The Bee Gees, etc , forged their own unique sound and identities, Jesse and Noah also are pushing musical boundaries to create their own path. He founded Gritz magazine of southern music and culture in Gritz became a part of Swampland in , and Buffalo left in He started the website Universal Music Tribe in , and launched the digital magazine Kudzoo in September, Prisoner of Southern Rock is Buffalo's memoir, written over the past ten years and published by Mercer University Press this month.

The book features a foreword from Oscar winning actor Billy Bob Thornton, and a large section of photos. Buff's primary website is www. Iconic music photographer Baron Wolman. Baron Wolman is an American photographer best known for his work in the late s for the music magazine Rolling Stone, becoming the magazine's first editor of photography from to Baron Wolman not only witnessed what is without a doubt the most important period of change in popular music and popular culture, but his photographs helped shape it.

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Rolling Stone magazine encapsulated and distilled the most important events and changes as they were taking place. Fueled by the music and the times, a year-old journalist named Jann Wenner gathered some friends and began a revolution in ink. Named Rolling Stone, this newsprint rag captured the era, defined it in print and pictures, and helped form a generation.

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  7. Among the friends that Wenner interested in his project was Wolman, then a year-old freelance photojournalist.. Wenner invited Wolman to shoot for the burgeoning Rolling Stone, Wolman agreed to work for free, and when the first issue hit the streets five months later, rock history began to be recorded. Gets it. People love me for who I am. Shit, I love me for who I am.

    Killer of Monsters (The Bluesman Book 1) Killer of Monsters (The Bluesman Book 1)
    Killer of Monsters (The Bluesman Book 1) Killer of Monsters (The Bluesman Book 1)
    Killer of Monsters (The Bluesman Book 1) Killer of Monsters (The Bluesman Book 1)
    Killer of Monsters (The Bluesman Book 1) Killer of Monsters (The Bluesman Book 1)
    Killer of Monsters (The Bluesman Book 1) Killer of Monsters (The Bluesman Book 1)

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