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A slightly different perspecitve — I think you should go back to your hospital analogy. I started my engineering consulting firm 5 years ago I was 29 at the time. I decided I would be best off being a nurse instead of a pharmacist, i. The interesting thing is my clients who were bringing me basic work at the beginning are now bringing me more complicated some would consider fun projects now that I have proven myself. Consultants need to consider their first few years on the job as their residency.

You have to have the baseline skills of your profession before you get to work on the most complicated projects. The medical profession lays out highly regulated steps for surgeons and psycho-analysts before they become fully practicing.

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Consulting firms would be wise to lay out a similar path for new hires to explain how their career will progress. Then the firm and the employee need to work together to move up the career ladder.

I feel deeply touched by your comment. Way too many managers use the words, the mottos, the highly valuable contributions of persons like you simply to enrol younger professionals in sweat-shop like journeys. In the end, for these managers, it is simply a matter of maximizing profits, without much consideration for their associates. Unfortunately, the most positive and ethical ideas and contributions always run the risk of being recuperated by persons who do not have the same standards as the authors of said ideas, for the sake of serving personal or financial interests or simply because of a lack of global perspective.

However, rest assured that if only one person listens to you and applies what you recommend, that is enough to make the world of professional service firms better. Well, slightly better, but still better.

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  • Yes, it is sad for those who are not lucky enough to be managed by the right category of managers. But the good news is that, there IS a right category of managers. A couple comments from a 37 year-old. I see lots of what David is talking about in his post. One take on it is those under 30 have a different communication style than the baby boomers. The genral idea being that growning up with electronic gadgets and instant gratification creates someone with a different communication style and different expectations about what is work.

    Another take on it is that there is a generation of cynical, sellfish workers making their way up the food chain. If anyone has come up with better techniques than I have which comes down to embarrasing them if front of their peers , please let me know. And of course the other side is that even Socrates noted that the younger generation had become lazy and selfish.

    You have the analogy of consulting practices being like a hospital — you have nurses, surgeons, pharmacists, and psycho-analysts. Each one has a different function and all of them are important. It is tough for a twenty-something to be a surgeon or a psycho-analyst. They need to show them how they can progress from being a pre-med student to being a brain surgeon or help the employee figure out if they should be a nurse instead.

    But I made sure I never lost touch with the how-to on my front lines. And your book is going to be very helpful!

    Making A Difference – Thoughts, Observations and Opinions

    My review will be forthcoming. Thanks, Connie. I look forward to your book review and your continued participation here. Managing is tougher on their managers than before. I relate completely with your experience outlined in your post. In my discussions, the theme that regularly comes out is that their natural desire for appreciation both for their work and as human beings is a long way from being met in the workplace.

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    Most of these employees for the first time found themselves out of a job, under prepared for change and in many cases in financial difficulties. These were the people who went home shattered, disbelieving and harbouring massive bitterness towards the business that had dumped them after many years of service. The business case meant nothing, they experienced massive emotional turmoil. I used to imagine the conversations they had with their partners and families, the tears and vitriol and sense of hopelessness that was played out often in front of their young families.

    Immer ein gutes Buch dabei – wo du willst, wann du willst.

    Sadly these kids witnessed aspects of their parents behaviour they had never seen before, fathers and mothers crying, in some cases yelling and screaming in desperate conversations about what to do. These children saw their lives change dramatically, saw their security taken away, saw families split up, parents forced to both work to make ends meet. If it did not happen to their families they knew families and friends where this happened. My discussions with them clearly show me that the employers who can offer the things that had been taken from them as children, ie security, appreciation, respect, opportunity and a sense of belonging will be rewarded with a loyal and happy employee who is willing to work and contribute in ways beyond expectation.

    Sinkhole opens up in Washington and jaded humor emerges - Reuters

    Sure they might move on to travel or explore other opportunities but they are more inclined to return in time and also recommend how to find a replacement. Managers and business owners should stop reading books and attending seminars on the differences between generations and spend the money and time taking their staff for a sandwich and talking to them. Build a relationship, let them get to know the manager as a person. Communicate in an honest and open way, threat them decently and show appreciation. Give them what they are looking for, respect and a place to belong. Sadly these basic human skills appear to be beyond the capacity of many current managers.

    It is easier to blame the attitude of young people rather than looking in the mirror and honestly evaluating how much the manager has contributed to the problem. Their expectations are completely unrealistic and if they are not completely in love with every single aspect of their job, their work ethic is sub-standard.

    JADED Episode 2 - "Coincidence or Fate"

    And firm loyalty? Forget it. Certainly there are boring and mundane aspects of any job, but they are just as essentail as the more interesting aspects if one is striving to do the whole job well. Maybe the managers of this group have an opportunity to demonstrate the mundane aspects of their own jobs while making sure that their juniors have a reasonable balance of mundane and exciting tasks. I hope that time will bless them with wisdom and experience.

    Not me and not now, thanks!

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    Shame on me! I should me more scrupulous with my preparation next time! What do you do to deal with reactions like cynicism, sarcasm, skepticism? Fair enough, maybe we should be self motivated … but for heavens sake, facilitate our growth with your experience! Contact me Order your copy today! In early attempts, we utilized two tanks, and many teams report this was easier for them. However, in preparation for heroic, we did switch to a one-tank model, and that is the set-up I will be using in this discussion. Shannox is a hunter on patrol!

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    Although he is not active when you enter Firelands, killing trash will cause him to appear with his two dogs, Rageface and Riplimb. Yes… I smell them too, Riplimb. Find their trail, find them for me, that I may dispense punishment! Jaded Alt. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

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