Genesis 3 - A New Beginning (The Genesis Project)

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Toggle navigation. Alternative Genesis Hm Comments Newsletter Contact News. A single benevolent source for law and subsequent religions. An alternative translation of the Genesis text. Translation of the much earlier archaic cuneiform Sumerian Kharsag Epics.

Sophistication of the Garden of Eden - Chronicles of Enoch. Location of the Garden of Eden - Southern Lebanon. The diffusion of civilisation and agriculture from Southern Lebanon around the world in archaic times. The advanced archaic worldwide civilization of the Shining Ones.

Scientific analysis of megalithic structures confirm observational astronomy c2, BC. Episodic global catastrophe and climate change.

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Yahweh or Jehovah a real person. Leader of the Shining Ones.

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Jesus teaching of the Surat soul Shabd word Yoga union to his inner circle of disciples. Jesus as the husband of Mary Magdalene and the father of their three children. The Cambrian Explosion only happened about million years ago, roughly 4 billion years after Earth was formed. If we give planets the opportunity to fast forward evolution, we can give them the chance to have their own Cambrian Explosions. It is very likely that the oxygen-rich primordial atmosphere of these planets will have prevented abiogenesis in first place, that is the formation of life.

Our galaxy could potentially harbor billions of habitable but lifeless oxygen planets. Nowadays, astronomers are looking for planets around M-stars. These are very different from planets around Sun-like stars.

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Once a star forms, it takes a certain amount of time to contract to the point where fusion begins, and it starts to produce energy. For the Sun, this took 10 million years, which is very fast. Then they have to contract to dissipate their initial heat. All the water that was in their stratospheres, the UV radiation would have disassociated it into hydrogen and oxygen — the hydrogen escaped, and the oxygen remained. All surveys have showed that they have oxygen atmospheres, but this is the product of chemical disassociation and not from plants as with Earth.

We believe there may be billions of oxygen planets in our galaxy. They would have no life, and complex life needs oxygen. In science fiction, you have all these planets that look alike. The first wave would consist of unicellular autotrophs. That is photo-synthesizing bacteria, like cyanobacteria, and eukaryotes the cell type making up all complex life, that is animals and plants.

Heterotrophs would follow in a second stage, organisms that feed on other organisms and can only exist after autotrophs exist and take root. That depends on the technology.

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If it can advance, we can miniaturize a gene factory. In principle, nature is a miniature gene factory. Everything we want to produce is very small. Send in a gene bank, and then select the most optimal organism to send down. If that is not possible, you would have to have frozen germs. In the end, it depends on what would be the technically available. You could also send in synthetic life. Synthetic biology is a very active research field, which involves reprogramming the genetic code.

In science fiction, you have alien life with a different genetic code. Today, people are trying to produce this here on Earth.

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The end goal is to have new life forms that are based on a different code. This would be very dangerous on Earth, but on a far-distant planet, it would be beneficial. The probes would have to go into orbit, so we are pretty sure that from orbit, we could detect complex life on the surface.

The Genesis Project was intended for planets that are not habitable for eternity. Earth is habitable for billions of years, but we are not sure about habitable exoplanets. Do you have a favorite? Our lunch and award celebration has been cancelled due to the weather. We look forward to this event and will let you know the date as soon as we reschedule! Looks like rain is on the forecast for quite awhile. Please help spread the word.

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See you there this Saturday! They volunteered and donated their time and services to cleaning Genesis Domestic Violence Shelter carpets.

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Genesis 3 - A New Beginning (The Genesis Project) Genesis 3 - A New Beginning (The Genesis Project)
Genesis 3 - A New Beginning (The Genesis Project) Genesis 3 - A New Beginning (The Genesis Project)
Genesis 3 - A New Beginning (The Genesis Project) Genesis 3 - A New Beginning (The Genesis Project)
Genesis 3 - A New Beginning (The Genesis Project) Genesis 3 - A New Beginning (The Genesis Project)
Genesis 3 - A New Beginning (The Genesis Project) Genesis 3 - A New Beginning (The Genesis Project)

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