Children of the Sea God

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They were daughters of Nereus the sea god, and his wife Doris. Unlike sirens, Nereids were depicted friendly folk, always helping sailors through rough storms. They mainly lived in the Mediterranean Sea. Examples include Thetis and Amphrite see 4.

Panlong Dragons played an important role in Chinese mythology. They were often bound to the elements.

Phorcys God of Hidden Dangers

Panlong were the water dragons, believed to inhabit the waters of the entire Orient the Near, Middle and Far East. Rusalka Rusalka were female ghosts in Slavic mythology. They were thought to be souls of young women died in or near lakes that had usually been murdered. They were not violent, but mainly haunted lakes until their death was avenged. Some explained the Rusalka as women that died prematurely due to suicide or murder having to do with their loved ones had to live out their designated time on earth as a spirit.

Other stated that water ghosts are unclean dead, such as unbaptized babies, and people that died from suicides.

Sunday School Lesson: Jesus Calms the Storm on the Sea of Galilee

Selkies In Scottish mythology selkies were sea lions that could shed their skin and take human form. They were thought to live on the shores of Orkney and Shetland. When a female selkie shed her skin and a human captured it, she was forced to become his wife. If she were to ever find her skin again, she would return to sea, leaving her husband to pine and die. In Ireland these mythical creatures are called Roane. Sirens In Greek mythology Sirens were sea nymphs that lived on the island Sirenum scopuli, and were daughters of Ceto the sea monster and Phorcys the sea god. They drew sailors to the rocks by their enchanted singing, causing their ships to sink.

It is uncertain how many sirens there would be, as different tales vary their number between two and five. Some claim the sirens where playmates of young Persephone, daughter of Zeus and Demeter. As Persephone was abducted by Hades to become his queen of the Underworld, Demeter cursed the sirens to become monsters of lore.

Parting the Red Sea

Sirens were often depicted as women with the legs and wings of birds, playing a great variety of musical instruments. However, they may also be depicted as half human, half fish see picture. Consequently siren is often applied as a synonym for mermaid, because many believe sirens and mermaids are similar creatures. Tahoratakarar In Polynesian mythology, a woman named Takua was once abducted by two evil spirits, and they stole the baby inside her.

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Than the sea rose, and the two spirits dissolved in a cloud. The boy, called Tahoratakarar, was raised by the sea itself.

Children of the Sea (2009 Remaster)

Other sea spirits built him a big boat that was tied to the Underworld. It sailed by night and stopped if someone died at sea, collecting his or her soul. The boat was known in myth as the Boat of Souls, or the Boat of the Dead. The myth resembles that of Charon in Greek mythology. Titans The Titans were twelve divine beings that ruled the earth in Greek mythology.

They were associated with the primal concepts drawn from their names, such as ocean, moon and memory. Oceanus and Thetys, children of Uranus and Gaia, were the Titans that ruled over the sea. Oceanus was said to have the upper body of a man with a long beard and horns, and the lower body of a serpent. He ruled over the oceans. His sister Thetys ruled over the rivers, including the Nile and the Menderes. They married each other and had over children, known as the Oceanids.

After the Olympians, the younger siblings of the Titans, eventually overthrew them, Poseidon Neptune and his unwilling queen Amphitrite ruled over the waters.

Uncegila Uncegila was a mighty water snake in Native American Lakota mythology. She polluted rivers and subsequently flooded the land with salt water so nothing could grow. According to myth twins that hit the only fragile spot on her body eventually killed her. As the sun scorched her flesh it dried up the soils, and it is said this led to the development of the Nebraska and Dakota Badlands; a large desert area in the USA.

Vodianoi These were water spirits in Slavic mythology that supposedly lived in underwater palaces made from sunken ships.


They were depicted old men with long green beards, covered in hairs, scales and slime. It was said the Vodianoi were offended by the boldness of humans, and would therefore cause swimmers to drown. They took the drowned down to their underwater dwellings to serve as slaves, with the exception of millers and fishermen, whom they might befriend. Vodianoi were often married to Rusalka and like Rusalka, they may have been the spirits of unclean dead.

Some thought they were able to transform into fish. Water nymphs Naiads Nymphs are female nature entities that are bound to a particular location or land form. Naiads are water nymphs, and inhabit fountains, wells, springs, brooks, rivers, marshes, ponds and lagoons. The essence of a naiad was bound to the water body she inhabited.

If a spring dried, the naiad within it died. In some stories naiads are depicted as dangerous creatures, because they could take men underwater when fascinated by their beauty, and these men were never to be seen again. Naiads were known by their jealous nature. A naiad that was once cheated by her husband is said to have blinded him in revenge. In Greek mythology naiads were friendly creatures that helped sailors fight perilous storms. They also had the power of foresight, and were said to make prophecies.

The following species of naiad are distinguished: Crinaeae, which live in fountains Limnades, which live in lakes Pagaeae, which live in springs Potameides, which live in rivers Eleiomomae, which live in marshes Water sprites Water sprites were human females with skins the colour of the sea. They could breathe both water and air, and could therefore live in water and on land. They were thought to be harmless, if only people left them alone. He appeared to be invincible, and no man seemed to be able to defeat him. Legend tells us this was because his mother, sea nymph Thetis , had tried to make him immortal after birth by dipping him the River Styx.

She only forgot to wet the heel by which she held him, which became his vulnerable spot. As the fights continued, Paris killed Achilles by shooting an arrow through his heel.

POSEIDON FAMILY - Greek Mythology

Beowulf Beowulf was a hero in an old Anglo-Saxon poem. He defeated two monsters living in a lake in an underwater cave. The monster Grendel had been torturing the people in Danish mead-hall Heorot for many years, and he had taken many a brave soldier for his dinner.

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  • When Beowulf and his army came, the people of Heorot could not believe they were capable of taking on the monster, but wanted to give them a chance nevertheless. Beowulf and his army waited for the monster in the hall, long after the residents had gone to sleep. As Grendel came it seemed at first Beowulf's men would get the worst of it, because their swords did not have any effect upon the giant monster's thick skin.

    Than Beowulf grabbed Grendel's arm and would not let go.

    Children of the Sea God Children of the Sea God
    Children of the Sea God Children of the Sea God
    Children of the Sea God Children of the Sea God
    Children of the Sea God Children of the Sea God
    Children of the Sea God Children of the Sea God
    Children of the Sea God Children of the Sea God
    Children of the Sea God Children of the Sea God
    Children of the Sea God Children of the Sea God
    Children of the Sea God

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